Air Quality Testing


Air Quality is now majorly important in the office and working environment, ensuring our health is top of our priority. Knight Engineers Ltd offer annual Air Quality inspections for not only our customers with Operating Theatres and Clean Rooms – but also our customers with General Office environments. Ensuring that the working environment that their staff are in on a day to day basis is the best quality it can be.

This Air Quality Test includes a full overview of the areas due for inspection, looking at the location, the build, construction materials, ventilation systems and filtration. This is all taken into account then a full Volumetric Air Survey is carried out along with a Particle Count. All this information will then be compiled into a full report to provide you with all the results and some recommendation based upon them. 

  • Air Quality Test

  • Air Filtration Levels

  • Particle Counts

  • Ventilation Rates

Fluke Particle Counter.jpg